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Eclipse Across National Parks Longsleeve

On August 21, 2017, the first solar eclipse to cross the Eclipse Across National Parks Longsleeve United States in 38 years will be visible across the country! Did you know that there are several #NationalParks where you can experience prime viewing opportunities of this amazing natural phenomena? We are just 2 Eclipse Across National Parks Longsleeve away from the biggest event of the summer ...and of the last 100 years: a total eclipse of the sun over America. A band of darkness will travel across the United States from west to east, making the middle of the day as dark as night. The lack of sunlight will help plunge temperatures by 10 or more degrees in some locations as darkness settles in. While the total eclipse will be viewed in a band from coast to coast, at least a partial eclipse will appear in many other places of the country. Are you planning to do anything special for the eclipse? Travel to an area of total darkness? Go to a National Park? Visit a NASA center? Or simply watch from home? We want to know this Eclipse Across National Parks Longsleeve.
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